Works In Progress:

Seven Series: Book 3
Currently in edits. Release date not scheduled. Cover design underway


I have written a number of completed novels and series books, and each of them have dramatically different protagonists as well as storylines. They all take place within the Mageri world with the exception of one (so far). Some books only reached two or four simply because I would get inspired for a new story and would wrap things up to jump on the next project. What that means is: some of those series' will require additional books in order to finish them out.

Writing has been something I've been doing my entire life - the stories in my head never stop. The waters of my imagination run deep, and I've never experienced writer's block.

I cannot divulge the details of the following books, nor the timeline of which will come next.

Some I've labeled by color. No reason, it's just easy to call it something.

Urban Fantasy Romance

Book 1 (Sterling) - Published
Book 2 (Twist) - Published
Book 3 (Impulse) - Published
Book 4 (Gravity) - Published
Book 5 (Shine) - Published - Final installment
 Dear Reader: I continue to receive questions on whether this series will continue, and I have no plans. That said, I won't rule out a companion novella/novel(s) that does not focus on Silver. As long as I continue to receive support from readers, you never know what may lie ahead.

Paranormal Romance
Seven Years - Published
Six Months -Published
Five Weeks -Edits/Cover design
Four Days - Early drafts
Three Hours -On hold
Two Minutes- To be Written
One Second - To be Written

Urban Fantasy Romance - This book has Chitahs (A unique Breed created by Dannika Dark)
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 2 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 3 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 4 - Written (Draft 1)

Urban Fantasy Romance - This book has Shifters (among others)
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 2 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 3 - Required. This series will need continuing books to come to a final conclusion.

Paranormal Romance (with a twist)
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 2 - Written (Draft 1)
Book 3 + - Required.
This series ripped out my heart and pulverized it. Series Green caused me to stop writing, back away, and begin publishing for real. It has the potential of becoming my all-time favorite series based on the characters and the storyline. But that's just my cup of tea. ;-)

Urban Fantasy Romance
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Potential series. I reached a stuck point and it was in need of a few years to marinate. This book is where Christian Poe makes a reappearance.

Paranormal Romance
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Stand-alone book. 
Breed: Gemini (Unique Breed created by Dannika Dark of the Mageri Series)

Paranormal Romance
Book 1 - Written (Draft 1)
Spinoff book focusing around a character in Series Red.
Stand-alone book.

Contemporary Romance.
Incomplete. 30,000 words written.

Been dabbling on this one for a while. I'm a firm believer that some books simply need to marinate before the story blends and becomes a delicious meal.

Or a pot roast. Either way, I already have a working title, but I'm keeping that to myself.

14K words in two days. Fiction, not fantasy. Just an idea I'm penning and we'll see where it goes.

Additionally, I have other story ideas in my head. Those ideas are jotted down and sitting inside of a wooden box.

Not enough hours in the day...